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Relationship Issues

One of the most common reasons people seek a therapist it to get support around a relationship issue. We are social beings and how we feel impacts how we think about and act towards our loved ones and acquaintances. When we feel off, our relationships often feel off, and when our relationships feel off, we feel off! It can become a vicious cycle. Relationship issues can be any number of things. Here are some examples of the most common reasons clients have contacted me for guidance:

  • You find it difficult to establish or maintain healthy relationships. When you think of current and past relationships, they have been abusive or very up and down.
  • You feel like others shouldn’t be trusted. Somewhere, you learned that people will hurt you, and you have closed yourself off to protect yourself.
  • You feel socially isolated and alone. It feels overwhelming to try to make new friends or go on romantic dates.
  • You are convinced others won’t like you, so you don’t even give them a chance to get to know you.
  • You feel that your existing relationships are not as deep and meaningful as you would like. You have plenty of people to have small talk with, but no one who really knows you.
  • You keep picking the “wrong” type of romantic partner. You feel like your “picker” is broken.
  • You put others way before yourself. It’s important to try to please everyone, even it your own expense.

If you identified with any of these relationship issues, know that change is possible! I pride myself on creating strong, supportive, and trusting therapeutic relationships with my clients. This therapeutic relationship can then be used to help you heal. Imagine learning how to attract people who will respect you and treat you with dignity. Picture breaking out of your shell and allowing yourself to connect with others in a meaningful way. Call today for a free 20 minute consultation to determine if I am the best psychologist to guide you towards more satisfying relationships.

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