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“Congratulations on taking a huge step towards the life you want by looking into your options for professionals who can help you get there. I am a licensed psychologist in Boca Raton, Florida, and I offer in person or virtual therapy. Each person I have worked with has shared such unique stories about the journey that led them to making this life changing decision, and I often find myself in awe of the strength it takes to make the first phone call to a professional. All change can be scary, even when it’s a really, REALLY good change. As a licensed psychologist with multiple years of training and clinical experience with the full range of clinical issues, I recognize that taking this step means that you are fed up with how things have been going and just want something different, something better, something longer-lasting. I would be honored by the opportunity to show you that you can get just that.”

–Dr. Bhritanie

Eating Disorder

Do you find yourself thinking about food more often than you would like? Do you wish your body was drastically different than what it is now? Do you sometimes feel controlled by food or exercise? Learn more about the different kinds of eating disorders and eating concerns that affect millions of Americans and how they are treated. ➝ read more


Have you lost the energy and excitement you once had for life? Are friends or family sharing that you seem “off” or distant? Does it feel utterly exhausting to start the day and get through your task list? Depression looks different on everyone and affects people to different degrees. Learn more about the symptoms and treatment of depression. ➝ read more

Grief and Loss Management

Do you feel sadness, anger, or guilt about the recent or past death of a loved one? Are you the caregiver of someone with a terminal or progressive illness? Are you frustrated with the expectation that you “should be OK by now”? Experiencing grief and loss can feel exhausting. Learn more about the signs of grief and how you can get the healing you need to feel whole again. ➝ read more

Relationship Issues

We are born needing the care and love of others to ensure that we survive. But even after learning how to technically survive on our own, we never fully lose our desire to be cared for and loved. When our relationships feel unfulfilling, superficial, or abusive, we can be deeply negatively impacted. Learn more about whats causing your relationship difficulties and how to feel more satisfied with romantic partners, friends, coworkers, or family. ➝ read more


Do you spend most of your day worrying and picture the worst case scenario? Do you find it difficult to calm your mind at night when you lay down to go to sleep? Have you experienced neck pain, or stomach aches due to stress? Are you constantly seeking safety or avoiding places or things you might “freak out” if you are around? Learn more about how to attain peace and relaxation. ➝  read more

Food and Body Image

Are you convinced you would be happy if only your body looked differently? Are you angry with yourself for not being able to stick to that diet and maintain a certain body shape and weight? Do you have a love-hate relationship with food? Or have you recently lost a significant amount of weight and feel confused that you are more upset and frustrated than before? Learn more about how to develop a healthy relationship with food, and create a positive body image today. ➝ read more

Virtual Therapy

For many people, traveling to a physical doctor’s office is impractical, or undesirable. Maybe you don’t have a specialist within driving distance, or maybe the idea of driving across town through rush hour after work is too daunting. Online therapy is just as effective as in person therapy, but much more convenient. If you like the sound of doing the hard work of therapy in the comfort of your own home, call today to find out if you are a good fit for this type of therapy!

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